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Explore the Top 10 Remarkable Players Who Donned both Seahawks and Panthers Jerseys

In an exciting twist of NFL history, a remarkable total of 41 players have donned both the iconic Seahawks and Panthers jerseys. As we approach the electrifying Week 3 matchup between these two powerhouse teams, we delve into the top 10 players who left their indelible mark on both franchises.

 K John Kasay

Back in 1991, the Seattle Seahawks wisely selected Georgia Bulldogs kicker John Kasay as the 198th overall pick. Kasay’s debut season earned him well-deserved All-Rookie honors, boasting an impressive 80% field goal success rate. For four seasons, he led the Seahawks in scoring, etching his name in team history with 341 points. In 1995, Kasay embarked on a remarkable journey with the newly-minted Carolina Panthers, spending a staggering 15 seasons with the franchise. Today, Kasay stands tall as a 2024 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee, capping his illustrious career with the New Orleans Saints in 2011.

CB Ken Lucas

Seattle’s 2001 selection of cornerback Ken Lucas at No. 40 overall set the stage for an extraordinary career. Lucas swiftly made his presence felt with 12 interceptions over four seasons with the Seahawks. A move to Carolina in 2005 as an unrestricted free agent led to an impressive 13 interceptions during his tenure, culminating his career back with the Seahawks in 2009.

LB Eugene Robinson

Undrafted but determined, Eugene Robinson climbed the Seahawks’ depth chart in 1985, eventually spending 11 illustrious seasons with the franchise. He started an impressive 152 games and became a revered member of the Seahawks’ 35th Anniversary Team. After brief stints with the Packers and Falcons, Robinson joined the Carolina Panthers in 2000 at the age of 37, starting 16 games and showcasing his enduring talent.

LB Dean Wells

Linebacker Dean Wells’ journey with the Seahawks began in 1993, gradually earning his stripes. Over six seasons, Wells made his presence known with 330 tackles, four fumble recoveries, three forced fumbles, and 2.0 sacks. In 1999, Wells took his skills to Carolina, concluding his impressive career with the Panthers.

LB Bruce Irvin

Bruce Irvin, the No. 15 overall pick in 2012, played a pivotal role in the Seahawks’ Super Bowl XLVIII Championship team. Over his 12-year career, Irvin experienced three stints with Seattle, while also contributing to the Raiders, Falcons, Bears, and the Panthers in 2019. His remarkable performance in Carolina yielded a career-high 8.5 sacks and his first safety.

RB Michael Bates

The Seahawks struck gold when they drafted sprinter-turned-running back Michael Bates in 1992. Known initially for his speed, Bates transitioned into a formidable return specialist. After a brief stint with the Browns, Bates joined the Panthers via free agency, where he truly flourished. In five seasons with the Panthers, Bates earned Pro Bowl honors as a specialist, highlighted by five return touchdowns.

TE Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen, selected by the Chicago Bears in 2007, later became an indispensable asset for the Carolina Panthers after a trade. His tenure in Carolina resulted in three Pro Bowl selections and a memorable Super Bowl 50 appearance. In 2020, Olsen made his return to Seattle, showcasing his versatility and experience.

TE Ed Dickson

Ed Dickson’s journey started with the Baltimore Ravens in 2010 before making his mark in Carolina in 2014, including a Super Bowl 50 appearance. After four impactful seasons with the Panthers, Dickson concluded his career with the Seahawks in 2018, leaving a lasting impact with 12 catches and three touchdowns.

T Chris TerryWarner Bros. Discovery Embraces YouTube and Threads for Social Engagement and Monetization

Carolina’s second-round pick in 1999, Chris Terry, delivered a solid performance with 57 starts over four seasons. A brief stint with Seattle followed, making 23 starts in 25 games.

As the Seahawks and Panthers prepare to face off on September 24, 2023, these remarkable players serve as a testament to the enduring legacy and the unique connection between these two NFL franchises. Their journeys continue to inspire football enthusiasts and remind us of the ever-enthralling tapestry of the NFL.

Warner Bros. Discovery Embraces YouTube and Threads for Social Engagement and Monetization

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