Artifact Revolutionizes Social Networking with Exciting New ‘Posts’ Feature


In a groundbreaking move, Artifact, the brainchild of Instagram’s co-founders, is embarking on a transformational journey. The platform, initially known as an aggregator of news and links, is now poised to redefine the social networking landscape with its innovative ‘Posts’ feature. Today, at the prestigious Code Conference, Artifact’s co-founder and CTO, Mike Krieger, unveiled this game-changing addition.

The ‘Posts’ feature empowers users to share their thoughts, ideas, and creativity directly on the Artifact platform, eliminating the need for external links. As outlined in a recent company blog post, this enhancement complements the introduction of ‘Links,’ a feature that allows users to share noteworthy URLs, enriching personalization algorithms and broadening content discovery horizons.

In their official blog post, Artifact enthused, “Posts build upon the foundation laid by ‘Links,’ enabling users to share their thoughts, reviews, and inspirations with the community. ‘Posts,’ in conjunction with ‘Links,’ expand the possibilities for discovery, sharing, and content creation on Artifact.”

Getting started is as simple as tapping the “+” icon in the upper-right corner of the ‘Links’ tab. From there, users can effortlessly incorporate images, titles, and text into their posts. The platform encourages a diverse range of content, from restaurant reviews and how-to guides to family recipes, app breakdowns, and design inspiration.

Just like links, these user-generated posts will seamlessly integrate into the visual feed shared by the community. Posts will be distributed to followers and shown to anyone on Artifact with similar interests, each post boasting a unique URL for easy sharing across various platforms.

Excitingly, this feature is now available on the latest versions of the Android and iOS apps.

Artifact’s pivot towards a more comprehensive social networking experience not only signifies its evolution beyond a mere news aggregator but also positions it as a formidable contender against industry giants like X (formerly Twitter) and Meta’s Threads. Recent additions, including commenting on articles and tools for writers to claim their profiles and track readership, have been instrumental in this transformation.

This momentous announcement follows closely on the heels of Artifact co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom’s appearance at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, where he emphasized the company’s ongoing exploration of product-market fit. Systrom envisions machine learning, large language models (LLM), and mobile technology as crucial factors for Artifact’s success, yet the startup remains committed to deciphering the path to scalability.

In an inspiring closing note, Systrom addressed the AI landscape, rejecting the notion of AI doomerism. Despite embracing cutting-edge AI technologies, he firmly believes that these innovations will empower individuals, propelling them to “super-powered” heights, rather than casting a shadow of uncertainty over their future. Artifact, under Systrom’s visionary leadership, continues to push boundaries and redefine the possibilities of the digital realm.

Artifact Revolutionizes Social Networking with Exciting New ‘Posts’ Feature

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